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We hope you like our new inproved website, STOP THE HURT started back in 1994 it started with a 3 page site and has slowly grown over the years,

I first started stopthehurt cos back in 1998  I  was raped but  back then the police didnt know alot about male-male rape so i started a small site to try and educate people and get them to understand that its not just girls that get raped, but over the years it has got into more detail and more things started to happen so as i grew so did the site,

I hope you find everything that you need if you dont then please let me know all my contact detals are on the contact link, I really hope this is site will help you .

 We are on Facebook and Twitter (links below) it would be nice for you to join us on there but if you do like this site or any of the things we are doing then please leave us a note in our guestbook its always nice to get feed back ,

Now for your information Myself and my team are not trained we dont get paid we are just like your selfs but we have all had somthing from this site happen to our selfs so this is compleatly our own exprences and not fantom, you can talk to any one of us all details are on the contact page everything is 100% confdental and nothing is kept on record un less you ask us too.

if you feel you rather talk to us 121 you can it is upto you we work around you.

I do have a donations page this is cos i had to sadly close this site 3 years ago due to funding problems but if you would like to send a donation we welcome it thank you,

all the information about what the donation will be used for is on the donation page and once again.

Thank You

Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/stopthehurt82?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/stopthehurt2




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